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Winterhawk has developed content & innovation for the SAP GRC Solutions – Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management and Audit Management.

Process Control: GDPR, SoX and Enterprise Controls

Audit Management: Enterprise Auditable Items

Risk Management: Cyber Risks, Health & Safety, Environmental, FCPA, ITAR, Anti Bribery, Hazardous Waste and Industry Risks (Health, Food & Beverage, Sport etc.)


Read on for more information about Winterhawk’s SAP Process Control for GDPR, SAP Risk Management with our Cybersecurity Risk Library and our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for SAP GRC. To discuss any of our other content please get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss solutions to the challenges facing your organisation.

SAP Process Control for GDPR

The regulator mandates that companies maintain a governance program to track the processes, controls and activities implemented and performed across an organisation.

Winterhawk’s Data Privacy Consultants have compiled a best practice GDPR governance framework, based on thirteen overarching governance processes, with over 140 controls and activities that organisations are required to perform to demonstrate effective GDPR compliance. This best practice GDPR framework is the result of our Data Privacy Consultants performing GDPR Audit Assessments and running GDPR Compliance Projects for a range of clients across multiple industry sectors.

Together, our GDPR framework and our GRC Experts yield a content rich, best practice governance framework, developed specifically for use on SAP Process Control. From this strongly adopted software platform, organisations can start to perform the following with accountability and ownership:

  • Rapidly deploy 13 governance processes with over 140+ controls and activities that must be performed and assessed across the organisation
  • Document data sources, systems, data flows, data owners and categories
  • Perform organisation-wide assessments for a range of controls (DPIAs, Risks, Processes & Controls, Third Party Business Partner due diligence)
  • Upload, create, review and automatically distribute Policies & Procedural documents whilst tracking read receipts and acknowledgements
  • Assign preventative and corrective actions to anyone inside and outside the organisation, to support continued improvement and remediate issues as they appear
  • Escalate to management when actions are not addressed within a specified timeline and/or to an expected quality
  • Management reporting to check processes and control health and status; identify processes or controls not currently working and take corrective action quickly.

Benefits of GDPR Content Framework on SAP Process Control

Our clients have benefitted from implementing this innovate, best practice GDPR content framework on SAP Process Control. They experienced:

  • Improved data privacy culture implemented across the organisation,
  • Issues in data processes & procedures identified before any issues occurred,
  • Improved organisational and employee accountability and ownership, and
  • Increased visibility of data privacy related issues & risk.

Winterhawk provides rapid deployment services for implementing SAP Process Control along with our best practice GDPR framework in approximately 8-10 weeks, based on out-of-the-box software functionality.

SAP Risk Management with our Cybersecurity Risk Library


Winterhawk has created a best practice library of over 450+ cybersecurity risks, split across 27 different risk categories. The risk library was created through our GRC Domain Experts, in response to the frequently asked question “Does Winterhawk have a risk library for cybersecurity?”

We have addressed the need for a best practice, rapidly deployed, risk management framework for cybersecurity risks.
Cybersecurity is now one of the top agenda items in senior management and board meetings, as vulnerabilities past, present and future are continuously to be exploited. Cybersecurity risks are not always driven through system or software weaknesses but also though human factors and organisational culture.

With Winterhawk’s Cybersecurity Risk content, our GRC Experts have developed a best practice cybersecurity risk framework on SAP Risk Management. As well as rapid deployment within 8-10 weeks, you can also expect our content to:

  • Rapidly populate your current risk register with a best practice 450+ cybersecurity risk library, over 27 risk categories,
  • Implement a risk management maturity curve from initial baseline through to optimisation,
  • Assign accountability and ownership of the cybersecurity risks, to follow-up on Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and any issues identified,
  • Create and manage actions to address issues through assessments, incident logging and ad-hoc findings, and
  • Build simulations and What-If scenarios to assess the strategies of current risk responses and underlying/influenced risk impacts.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Risk Library

Clients who have implemented this best practice cybersecurity risk library on SAP Risk Management have benefitted from:

  • Improved the visibility of risks, including currently unidentified risks
  • Identified factors contributing to and determining the organisation’s overall cyber risk
  • Assessed the organisation’s cybersecurity preparedness.
  • Evaluating whether the organisation’s cybersecurity preparedness is aligned with its risks.
  • Determining risk management practices and controls that could be enhanced and actions that could be taken to achieve the organisation’s desired state of cyber preparedness.

Winterhawk provides rapid deployment services for implementing SAP Risk Management along with our best practice Cybersecurity Risk content in approximately 8-10 weeks based on out-of-the-box software functionality.

Innovation in Robotic Process Automation for SAP GRC

Advancements and innovations are changing the way businesses operate – for example, repetitive manual work can be automated, often leading to reductions in waiting and activity processing times and freeing up much needed resources.

Winterhawk has automated various processes within SAP GRC solutions via interactive Chat Bots (interactive sessions, with pre-determined question and response data sets) and Process Bots (automating manual activities which are repetitive in nature).

These processes include:

  • Password self-service using Chat Bots
  • Creation of Access Requests (template-based) using Chat and Process Bots
  • Approval of access requests and mitigation controls using Chat and Process Bots
  • Creation of Master Data in Process Control and Risk Management (Organisation, Process, Sub process, Controls, Risk) using Chat and Process Bots
  • Interactive Issue/Case Management system using Process Bots
  • Process Control User Role Assignment using Chat Bots
  • One GRC Report: AI/Machine Learning Analysis based on above data patterns.

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