About Winterhawk

Winterhawk is the leading global SAP GRC consulting practice. Also specialising in SAP Security, Cyber Protection and Data Privacy.

Supporting more than 2 million users worldwide, we are proud to be innovative, independent and cost-effective.

Our services are complemented with domain expertise, software content, accelerators and toolkits that provide fast, efficient and expert GRC implementation and support services.

Winterhawk has established its head office in the UK, with resources located globally.


Explore our comprehensive range of specialised services and solutions to support and enable organisations of all sizes, across a diverse range of industry sectors.

Safeguard your organisation’s data, its brand and reputation.

SAP Security

Customer focused solutions which optimise SAP value by reducing your overall costs

SAP GRC Support Services


Implementation and support for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) software from SAP


Sustainable, consistent and effective processes to support your organisation’s identity requirements


Whether SOX, GDPR or IFRS we have a range of regulatory services, products and insurance

We’re proud to support some of the world’s largest and most admired brands