SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions typically release major version updates every 2-3 years, and support packs approximately every quarter.

Why are support packs important?
Support packs include enhancements (including new solution functionality), bug fixes, corrections, and critical security updates – to keep your data safe, you need to be up to date with support packs.

Why should you upgrade?
To benefit from new functionality, compatibility with new and legacy systems (SAP and non-SAP), and to ensure ongoing coverage from a support maintenance perspective.

How long does an upgrade take?
Winterhawk has developed low-cost, rapid deployments which typically take 20-25 days to complete.

End of SAP Support for 10.X versions of SAP GRC

If your organisation is running SAP Access Control, SAP Risk Management or SAP Process Control and the version number is anything less than 12.0, then standard SAP support ended in December 2020.

Don’t be left behind on an old version. Some of the benefits of upgrading:

  • Ensures that your solution remains up to date, safe and secure, at the latest release, with the latest patches
  • Central Fiori Launchpad
  • New configurable launchpads for simplified navigation
  • Increased integration with SAP solutions, cloud, and on-premise
  • SAP SuccessFactors Integration
  • IAG Integration
  • Mass Maintenance
  • Enhanced business rules functionality

Making the business case for an upgrade?

Winterhawk can help you build a robust business case with cost benefits,
designing a process roadmap mapped to upgrade your functionality.

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Mini Case Studies – GRC Upgrades

SAP GRC 10.0 to 12.0 (Fiori)
Migrated existing GRC data and enabled Fiori tile functionality to strategically replace the NetWeaver Business Client. Implemented new Process Control Continuous Control Monitoring functionality to cater for regional business rule parameters and enabled the Risk Management Interactive Bow-tie Builder. Completed in 16 weeks.

SAP GRC 5.3 to 10.1 (Java to NetWeaver)
Migrated the existing Access Control ruleset, risk owners and workflows to the new major version of GRC. Integrated Access Control with Ariba to conduct Segregation of Duty checks across ECC 6.0 and Ariba. Completed in 14 weeks.

SAP GRC 10.1 SP14 to 10.1 SP17 (SuccessFactors Provisioning and Ruleset)
Upgraded existing GRC system to Support Pack 17 to enable native SuccessFactors integration and access the sample SuccessFactors Risk Analysis ruleset provided. Completed in 12 weeks.

SAP GRC hosted on an Oracle Database migrated to a SAP HANA database
Migrated GRC from a decommissioned SAP ECC6.0 platform to a HANA cloud platform environment. Completed in 8 weeks.

SAP Assurance and Compliance Suite (ACS) 1.1 to 1.3 for Audit Management
Retained historic Audit data (including audits, findings and reports), user approval workflows and content while enabling the direct integration with SAP Process Control and Risk Management. Completed in 10 weeks.

Approva BizRights to SAP GRC Access Control
Rapid Deployment migration from legacy BizRights (Infor) software to SAP GRC Access Control 12.0. Completed in 10 weeks.

Expertise & Assurance

  • Sizing analysis to determine if additional infrastructure requirements are required
  • Review all functional and technical enhancements in the new version
  • Identify and scope the level of effort to incorporate relevant enhancements into the upgrade process
  • Prepare a detailed project plan with both internal and external resource allocations
  • Perform the technical upgrade
  • Perform the post-upgrade configuration
  • Configure new functionality as required
  • Provide testing plans
  • Provide test scenarios
  • Provide user training materials
  • Deliver training to key stakeholders
  • Provide post-implementation support

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