Expert On-Demand

Your SAP solutions are crucial to managing business operations as well as customer relationships. When everything flows along smoothly, SAP works effortlessly behind the scenes; however, when an issue arises you need an expert who can resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

Why pay for a fixed-length support contract when you don’t need it all the time?

Winterhawk’s SAP GRC and Security Expert On-Demand services provide organisations with the assurance that they are supported by experienced resources, with the added flexibility to ensure support is provided when required.

Expert On-Demand is available in blocks of 30 days to be used during a 12 month period as and when required. Simply subscribe to the number of blocks required (i.e., 2 blocks = 60 days). If all blocks are used up before the 12 month period, don’t worry, it’s easy to subscribe to another block.

Expert On-Demand: GRC

Available for the following solutions:
SAP Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management, Audit Management, Enterprise Threat Detection, Business Integrity Screening and Identity Management.

Rather than discovering a problem, raising a ticket, and waiting for support, this ongoing service of typically 8-16 hours per week* ensures that you have continuous support for your Security and GRC application(s).

Increased Operational Efficiencies

  • A proactive approach, providing enhanced productivity.
  • Benefits of root cause analyses and improved processes.
  • A service that is tailored to your needs.
  • Ongoing management reporting with named and accountable contacts.

* Each client’s requirement is uniquely scoped.

Business As Usual (BAU) repetitive support

  • Daily, weekly, monthly housekeeping tasks undertaken
  • Issue route cause analysis and resolution
  • Minor enhancements
  • Background job & application performance corrections
  • Debug and analyse Role and Access related issues

Nature of Services

Remote support services for SAP GRC solutions, including (but not limited to) ad-hoc assistance and issue resolution, regularly-scheduled maintenance activities and configuration or development of solution enhancements. The support services include the following:

Issue route cause analysis and resolution

  • Identification and resolution of workflow failures
  • Master Data failure, updates, and corrections
  • Collaboration with SAP BASIS, functional and user representatives as required to identify root cause of issues
  • Raising of support tickets to SAP for product issues

ABAP Debugging to determine further optimisations and provide issue resolution

  • Changes caused by installed SAP Notes
  • Master data inconsistenciesWorkflow troubleshooting
  • SAP Web Dynpro / Fiori level analysis

Debug and Analyse Role and Access related issues

  • Resolve Access assignment issues & authorisation failures
  • Perform fallback user work item assignments as necessary
  • Delegation assignments

Housekeeping and monitoring activities are conducted on an agreed schedule, in addition to any other BAU support activities, such as:

  • Monitor background process
  • Review exceptions within the workflow / application
  • Monitor Application Logs for errors / exceptions / offline submissions
  • Monitor inbound process
  • Monitor outbound process
  • Monitor failed / issue logs
  • Datamart schedules
  • Control Automation jobs status checks
  • Master Data Maintenance / Correction including:
    – User assignment / delimit in front end application
    – Updates for user responsibilities
    – Analysis of new functionality / improvements to standard workflows & reporting
    – Activity reporting with stakeholders

Expert On-Demand: Security

Many companies like the assurance of knowing they have a partner able to quickly step in and support them at those key moments – extra help when internal bandwidth is lacking, a mini project, a complex issue, cover for sickness or vacations.

Typical Activities include:

  • Break Fix Support
  • Role Changes, Design, Redesign
  • Audit Remediation
  • Pre Audit Review
  • Organization Hierarchy Maintenance
  • User Administration
  • System Maintenance
  • Change Management
  • Support Pack Installation / Testing
  • Smaller Projects
  • Continuous Process Improvement

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