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SAP systems are crucial to managing operations as well as customer relationships. When everything flows along smoothly, SAP works effortlessly behind the scenes; however, when an issue arises, you need an expert who can resolve problems efficiently and effectively. SAP Security, monitoring and GRC solutions work together to strengthen a client’s ERP environment and lower the overall cost of compliance.


  • Enhanced SAP controls and lowered risks can directly lead to reduction in audit effort, issues and fees.
  • Cost savings can be achieved via a more efficient Security model which in turn reduces maintenance and support.
  • Compliance activities better aligned with an organisation’s risk framework.
  • Enhanced User Experience (UX) via greater productivity (appropriate access / quicker access) – with user satisfaction comes greater staff retention.

Implementation, SAP Role Design, Re-Design, Remediation

While every organisation has its own uniqueness, whether it’s a larger enterprise or a smaller company, many of the core access and identity challenges remain the same.

Winterhawk helps organisations to:

  • Remove weaknesses in current Access Risk definition and align better with business processes
  • Gain control of Access Risk via structured reporting & business ownership
  • Reduce & remediate any current Audit remarks and ensure that future Audits do not experience a repeat of the same points.
  • Remediation of Critical Access & SoD Violations within the Landscape
  • Ensure there are no uncontrolled Access Risks via Remediation & Mitigation
  • Reduce time and effort required to support Audit requests/requirements
  • Implement a consistent Design across the SAP Landscape – lowering the cost of management of BAU activities and gaining greater flexibility
  • Improve User Experience (Mobility, User Empowerment, Speed)
  • SoD violations reduced month on month, lowering risk position


S/4HANA Security Implementation & Migrations

Here’s the journey to SAP S/4HANA:


Already have SAP S/4HANA or thinking of upgrading?

First, a word of caution – SAP Security for S/4HANA is very different from traditional SAP security and its authorisation concepts. The main difference is that Security in S/4HANA needs to apply at both the application and database layers, whereas in the classic three-tier architecture, the database could only be accessed via the ERP system. Another important consideration is the Security for interfaces, such as FIORI apps.

As companies migrate from the traditional ECC to SAP S/4HANA, they need to consider the implications for the way the SAP Security concepts have also changed. It is not as simple as adopting the Security concepts applied for the ECC.

Winterhawk’s SAP Security team is ready to support organisations embracing a new SAP Security model and secure the compliant user access transition between classic and new ERP platforms. Our teams are experienced in:

  • Mapping ECC user access and roles to SAP S/4HANA access
  • Performing S/4HANA Role Designs / Re-designs
  • Reviewing existing Security concepts applied and adapting any new Access Risks and Segregation of Duties (SoD) models that are required in the S/4HANA platform
  • Providing secure access to S/4HANA interfaces, sensitive data, database objects, transport management, web-based access and FIORI apps
  • Making appropriate changes to the implemented internal controls framework, removing duplicated mitigating controls


SAP Security/Audit Assessments

Want to get ahead of the curve? Let us help you identify Security risks and Design issues.

Winterhawk’s cost-effective service provides your organisation with a baseline position regarding SAP Security weaknesses and gaps that should be remediated to improve maturity.

ObjectiveSAP Security Support Services

Typically over a 2-3 week period, our clients gain insight and understanding of the level of SAP Security critical access risks and SAP Security Policies currently in the production environment; including a list of gaps/weaknesses in the current Security Design and concepts; a series of recommendations and guidance on how your organisation could address the weaknesses and risks, and a modern Security Design concept that could be implemented.

Evaluation Includes 

  • The detailed assessment of a client’s SAP Security authorisation/design, including transaction code assignments, naming conventions and wider model.
  • Identification of any inconsistencies, considering scalability, considering ‘pros’ & ‘cons’, and ways to reduce support, housekeeping, licensing costs, improvement of user experience (UX), ensuring roles are understandable, the build of risk-free roles, delivering recommendations for the future.


  • A Security Assessment Report which provides a baseline position regarding weaknesses and gaps that should be remediated to improve maturity.
  • A detailed understanding of the level of SAP Security risks in the production environment(s) and priorities.
  • A list of gaps/weaknesses in current Security Design and concepts.
  • Recommendations, in a “traffic light” style report, with guidance on how to address weaknesses and risks, a modern and scalable Security Design concept that could be implemented, with costs and timelines drawn out.

Winterhawk’s SAP Security Experts can support your organisation in a variety of ways, including patching vulnerabilities.

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Support & Managed Services

Let Winterhawk focus on Security and Governance, so you can focus on running your business.  Why us? We’re large enough that we have a global presence and proven scale, but not too large to give you friendly, personal service.

Benefits of our cost-effective SAP Security Support model

Winterhawk’s Support CoE has a depth of staffing experience. The support teams are led by high-quality, experienced consultants who have on average 10 to 15+ years’ experience specific to SAP, across multiple business sectors. Each person joining Winterhawk undergoes our company induction; our values are vital, and we only employ people that fit them.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

  • An experienced management & leadership team, accountable contacts for your contracted service.
  • 24/7, 24/5, 9/5, multiple models available.
  • A proactive approach, which provides you with enhanced productivity.
  • Benefit of our root cause analyses, continuous process improvement – far more than a ticket support/AMS offering.
  • Service tailored to your needs and managed to industry standards.

Enterprise-level support

Winterhawk provides clients with a custom-tailored solution delivered by a single party which takes accountability for comprehensive management. When we take on day-to-day support management, it allows you to redirect your internal talent to strategic imperatives associated with better serving your business. We leverage industry best practice, guarantee services with agreed SLAs, giving you an enhanced customer service at enterprise level standards; we can fit service hours to your needs to minimise your downtime.

Operational cost reduction

Winterhawk’s Support CoE gives you the benefit of simplified pricing, providing predictable cost levels and models as well as the convenience of a known service structure, custom built to your requirements. We believe you will find us to be significantly more cost-effective than competing consultancies, many of which charge customers an additional overhead for management oversight – ours comes as part of the service.

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