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Let us focus on Security and Governance, so you can focus on running your business.  Why us? We’re large enough that we have a global presence and proven scale, but not too large to give you a friendly, personal service.



Have S4 HANA or thinking of upgrading ? SAP Security for S4 HANA is different from traditional ECC security; the main difference is that Security in S4 HANA needs to apply at both the application and database layers, whereas in the classic three tier architecture the database could only be accessed via the ECC. One other consideration is the Security for interfaces, such as Fiori Apps.

As companies migrate from the traditional ECC to S4 HANA, they need to consider the implications to the way the SAP Security concepts have also changed. It is not as simple as adopting the Security concepts applied for the ECC. Winterhawk’s SAP Security team is ready to support organisations embrace a new SAP Security model and secure the compliant user access transition between classic and new ERP platforms. Our teams are experienced in providing:

  • The mapping ECC user access and roles to S4 HANA access
  • The performance of S4 HANA Role Designs / Re-designs
  • Review existing Security concepts applied and adapt any new access risks and Segregation of Duties (SoDs) models that are required in the S4 HANA platform
  • Secure access to HANA interfaces, sensitive data, database objects, transport management, web-based access and FIORI apps
  • Appropriate changes to the implemented internal controls framework, removing duplicated mitigating controls


Benefits of our Support Model


Support Organisation

Winterhawk’s Support CoE has a depth of staffing experience. The support teams are led by high quality, experienced consultants who have on average 10 to 15+ years’ experience specific to SAP, across multiple business sectors. Each person joining Winterhawk undergoes our company induction; our values are vital, and we only employ people that fit them.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Winterhawk’s Support CoE Expertise ensures that you will have:

  • An experienced management & leadership team
  • Support from a single location
  • Clear communication
  • Low attrition and continuity of support staff
  • Support centre network stability
  • Best Practices followed
  • Accountable contacts for your contracted service
  • A pro-active approach, which provides you with enhanced productivity
  • Benefit of our root cause analyses
  • Improved processes
  • Service tailored to your needs and managed to industry standards
  • Consolidated management reporting

SAP Security

Enterprise-level support

Winterhawk provides clients with a custom-tailored solution delivered by a single party which takes accountability for comprehensive management. When we take on day-to-day support management, it allows you to redirect your internal talent to strategic imperatives associated with better serving your business.

We leverage industry best practice, guarantee services with agreed SLAs, giving you an enhanced customer service at enterprise level standards and can fit service hours to your needs, which minimises your downtime.

Operational cost reduction

Winterhawk’s Support CoE gives you the benefit of simplified pricing, providing predictable cost levels and models as well as the convenience of a known service structure custom built to your requirements. We believe you will find us to be significantly more cost effective than competing consultancies, many of which charge customers an additional overhead for management oversight; ours comes as part of the service.

Winterhawk commits to each customer:

  • To make your SAP environment more secure and efficient, minimising risk to your business;
  • To be the most effective and professional solution for your needs whilst being competitively priced;
  • To be your preferred supplier of SAP solutions for Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security, Audit and Cloud;
  • To make a difference for you, and engage with you with honesty and integrity;
  • To increase your applications’ efficiency and effectiveness, and enhance your competitive edge.

Winterhawk offers comprehensive SAP Support and Managed Service Solutions. Our experienced resources and innovative tools provide cost effective, customer focused solutions that optimise their SAP value by reducing customers’ overall costs.

Expert On-Demand


Your SAP enterprise software solution is crucial to managing business operations as well as customer relationships. When everything flows along smoothly, SAP works effortlessly behind the scenes; however, when an issue arises you need an expert who can resolve problems efficiently and effectively.

Why pay for a fixed length support contract when you don’t need it all the time?

Winterhawk’s SAP Security Expert On-Demand service provides organisations with the assurance that their SAP Security is supported by experienced resources familiar with the application set-up, with the added flexibility to ensure support is provided when required.

Expert On-Demand is available in blocks of 30 days to be used during a 12 month period as and when required. Simply subscribe to the number of blocks required (i.e., 2 blocks = 60 days). If all blocks are used up before the 12 month period, don’t worry, it is easy to subscribe to another block.

Typical activities covered by the SAP Security Expert On-Demand service include:

  • Break Fix Support
    Example: Problem analysis and authorisation traces
    Example: Review/revise user authorisations
    Example: Perform the appropriate change management through development and production
  • User and Role Changes
    Example: Further authorisations restrictions or additions are required
  • System Maintenance
    Example: Maintaining transaction to authorisation object relationships

SAP Security Expert on Demand

Success stories

We’re proud of the exceptionally high retention rate we have with our clients. We like to think this is the result of our client experience, our willingness to go the extra mile, and our highly competitive rates.

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