SAP GRC Rapid Deployment


Implementation of Access Control, Risk Management, Process Control or Audit Management can be as quick as 10 weeks by leveraging Winterhawk’s best practice Master Data toolkits along with the expertise of our GRC specialists.

Winterhawk’s Rapid Deployment Services (RDS) for SAP GRC software solutions enables fast, efficient roll-out of out-of-the-box functionality, bespoke organisation hierarchy and customised master data (for example your organisation’s specific processes/controls/risks).

Using Winterhawk’s cost effective and best practice RDS strategy, you can plan for a GRC go-live in less than 3 months from when the project commences.


Case study

Here’s a short case study from a recent deployment of Process Control for a Manufacturing / Retail organisation with over 3,000 employees and 29 plants across Europe, USA and Canada. The client was seeking a fast deployment with additional GDPR content provided by Winterhawk.

Top objectives

  • Ensure global, standardised best-practice business controls to minimise risk, enhance efficiency, and meet regulatory and statutory requirements across the group
  • Maintain effective and transparent control of security and processes
  • Achieve audit efficiency and reduce the cost of compliance activities
  • Must fit with existing SAP landscape architecture


  • Conducted a 2 day onsite design workshop to define relevant governance program for using Winterhawk’s GDPR framework
  • Helped mapping processes and controls to business owners to promote accountability
  • Deployed Process Control for GDPR, with content, in 10 weeks

Key benefits

  • Leverage the knowledge and expertise of Winterhawk’s ability to apply current and future Data Protection Laws
  • Improved the culture of the organisation by enforcing accountability and routine assessments
  • Increased visibility and ownership of risks by highlighting data protection issues

Measurable Benefits

  • Improved Data Privacy Culture
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Identified issues in Data Processes & Procedures
  • Improved Accountability
  • Improved Risk Ownership
  • Increased visibility of Issues & Risk

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