SAP Process Control

Why SAP Process Control?

Because it helps protect your business with continuous control and compliance monitoring. Improve the effectiveness of your internal control processes across SAP and non-SAP systems, and tightly align them with risk prevention and efficiency requirements.

Purchase options

Available either On Premise (client hosted – perpetual license) or via Cloud for Process Control (SAP hosted – subscription license).


Solution Insight:
Winterhawk spoke with James Chiu,
Solution Owner for SAP Process Control

Implementing Process Control is almost like doing a blood test or a health check – if you don’t test your controls, you are just assuming your system is healthy….

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Features of SAP Process Control

  • Get scalable support for multiple internal controls and compliance management programs
  • Improve efficiency by identifying, prioritising, and focusing resources on key business processes and risks
  • Gain real-time visibility into all compliance and internal control processes
  • Speed internal control audit cycles and reduce audit costs with automation
  • Detect issues earlier, proactively analyse control failures, and monitor remediation
  • Comply with a range of regulations: anti-bribery and corruption (e.g. FCPA), Data Protection Acts (e.g. GDPR, CCPA), financial compliance (SOx, IFRS, EU Directive 8…), IT controls (e.g. CobIT), industry requirements such as Basel II / III, FDA (GxP), FERC / NERC, and more

Drive continuous control monitoring and reduce risk

Simplify your internal control system, get insight, and strengthen your business with SAP Process Control. This GRC software automates internal control and compliance management enterprise-wide – and gives you real-time visibility into your controls’ status and responses to key compliance needs and risks. Increase business process reliability and efficiency, and ensure compliance with a broad range of regulations.


Functional Capabilities

  • Unified repository for compliance, control, and policy information: Ensure cross-function standardisation and drive consistency across your organisation. Manage multiple regulatory policies and compliance procedures with a single solution. Optimise the planning of control assessment and testing activities.
  • Embedded controls to strengthen business processes: Align internal controls and policies with business objectives and risks. Monitor key business processes like reconcile-to-report, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, IT, and more. Leverage the power and speed of SAP HANA to monitor high volume of transactions in key S/4 HANA business processes in real time.
  • Improved compliance and control processes at optimal cost: Perform comprehensive online and offline control evaluations with flexible workflows and configurable forms. Manage the complete policy lifecycle with collaborative tools and surveys. Streamline issue management and certifications with best practice workflows (ex. CAPA integrated with audit management).

Technical Capabilities

  • Automated workflows and notifications: Receive automated notifications to shrink manual intervention efforts. Understand control exceptions and alerts to react quickly and appropriately. Ensure that all appropriate stakeholders are involved in relevant tasks: assessments, remediations, and sign-offs.
  • Offline forms: Support offline procedures with interactive forms for compliance and control assessments, testing, control performance, remediation, and sign-offs. Support the policy management lifecycle by the distribution of new policies and updates as well as review and acknowledgement surveys.
  • Continuous control monitoring: Integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems using connectors or web services, or SAP HANA views. Monitor master data, configuration settings and transactions in business applications via scheduled processes or in real-time. Monitor application data from internal and external systems in real-time.

Solution Insight

Winterhawk SAPSteve Hewison, CEO


More and more clients are coming to us seeking ways to automate continuous controls monitoring, and looking for the most cost-efficient ways to manage risk and adhere to regulatory requirements. It’s hard to keep up, so much keeps evolving year on year – 10 years ago you didn’t have GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California, let alone Cyber-attacks – and while FCPA for example has been around since the late 70s, in recent times companies like Siemens, Goodyear, Smith & Nephew and Alcoa have all had to face up to enormous fines for non-compliance.

To add value for our clients, we’ve build content accelerators for SAP Process Control spanning a multitude of industries, different standards and regulations. This means that when we implement the solution, clients don’t start with a blank sheet of paper (if they don’t already have their own fully-defined library).


Implementation of SAP Process Control can be as quick as 10 weeks by leveraging Winterhawk’s Rapid Deployment Services (RDS), enabling fast, efficient roll-out at a lowered cost.

Using Winterhawk’s cost effective and best practice RDS approach, you can plan for a GRC go-live in less than 3 months from when the project commences. Click here to find out more.


Custom Dashboards, Regulatory, Financial and Cyber content libraries, Robotics, Process Automation, Chat Bots, Process Bots and Machine Learning – Winterhawk has developed a range of innovations for clients with SAP GRC solutions. Click here to find out more.

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