SAP Process Control

The Business Challenge

Avoiding Losses – Risk events can lead to reputation and brand impact.

The reach and complexity of regulatory and reporting requirements (Trade, Taxes, Business Models) continues to grow.

Confronting Information Security Threats against a backdrop of relentless cyber threats, while protecting sensitive information.

Embarking on Compliant, Digital Transformation. Managing big data, Information in the cloud, Detecting anomalies and fraud.

Adopting Leading Practices – current state may be inadequate controls with practices not focused on true business risk.

Stakeholder pressure for a more reliable view of risk (Greater predictability on performance, risk-adjusted decision making)

Cost – Historically with SAP, you first have the license cost, and then, a potentially large expenditure on the deployment, as well as needing to become solution experts to support post implementation. Winterhawk have removed the entire capital expenditure aspect, providing a free deployment of SAP Process Control with a then ongoing support service tailored to the size of your organization.

The Solution

SAP Process Control helps protect your business with continuous control and compliance monitoring to improve the effectiveness of your internal control processes across SAP and non-SAP systems, and tightly align them with risk prevention and efficiency requirements.

  • Automate key compliance and control activities to reduce efforts and costs
  • Increase control visibility and transparency for better and quicker action with continuous control monitoring
  • Improve confidence and business process performance with best practice workflows and best-in-class reporting

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To help clients, Winterhawk has created two documents:

The History of  Process Control
How to Build a Business Case for SAP Process Control. 

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Client Success Stories

Hundreds of satisfied clients around the world

More and more clients are coming to us seeking ways to automate continuous controls monitoring, and looking for the most cost-efficient ways to manage risk while adhering to regulatory requirements. To add value for our clients, we’ve build content accelerators for SAP Process Control spanning a multitude of industries, different standards and regulations. This means that when we implement the solution, clients don’t start with a blank sheet of paper (if they don’t already have their own fully-defined library).


Implementation & Licenses

We offer a free deployment of SAP Process Control (Yes, free)

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That’s entirely up to the customer. Winterhawk does not offer or provide Hosting Services (however we have many partners around who can help should that be desired). So whether you want to be On-Premise, Public Cloud or Private Cloud – that’s entirely up to you the customer. Our implementation is Free regardless and not in any way predicated on your hosting choice.


Custom Dashboards (see left), Regulatory, Financial and Cyber content libraries, Robotics, Process Automation, Chat Bots, Process Bots and Machine Learning – Winterhawk has developed a range of innovations for clients with SAP GRC solutions.
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Introducing : SAP Process Control as a Service

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