SAP Audit Management

Why SAP Audit Management?

Because the software automates and speeds up the audit process – freeing up internal auditors to adopt a more strategic, advisory role. Leverage the power of the SAP HANA in-memory database, integrate with other governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions, and align internal audit with overall business goals.

Purchase options

Available either On Premise (client hosted – perpetual license) or via Cloud for Audit Management (SAP hosted – subscription license).


Solution Insight:
SAP’s Michael Heckner, Senior Director EMEA Center of Excellence for GRC

“SAP Audit Management is an integral part of SAP’s Three Lines of Defense solutions. It lets auditors collaborate effectively and at their own discretion with 1st and 2nd lines of defense. It also elevates the impact and benefit of Internal Audit as a function to the wider organisation.”

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History of SAP Solutions: Audit Management

Features of SAP Audit Management

  • Drive high value issues and create keener insights with real-time audit analytics
  • Help internal auditors perform timely risk assessments and collaborate with peers
  • Automate internal audit procedures to cut costs and reduce elapsed time to reporting

Automate internal auditing procedures – and improve quality

Streamline, diversify, and enhance your internal audit engagements with SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA. This in-memory audit software makes it quick and easy to document evidence, organise working papers, and create audit reports. It provides the analytical capabilities to shift the focus of internal audit from basic assurance to providing insight and advice.


Product Capabilities:

  • Plan, manage, and perform the audit
  • Instantly capture audit documentation and evidence with mobile capabilities and drag-and-drop tools
  • Create, track, and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up
  • Use search capabilities to get more value from legacy and working papers
  • Engage auditors with a user-friendly interface and collaboration tools
  • Integrate with SAP Fraud Management, SAP Risk Management, and SAP Process Control to align with the business
  • Maximise staff utilisation and reduce travel costs with better internal audit planning, resource management, and scheduling

Communicate and monitor results

  • Improve issue quality with collaboration and on-line manager review
  • Standardise reporting with pre-established templates
  • Automate issue tracking for faster resolution
  • Reduce repeat findings through automation and follow up
  • Visualise audit results at the enterprise level and add value with thematic reporting using SAP Lumira


Winterhawk Insight

Winterhawk SAP

Steve Hewison, CEO


Essentially, SAP Audit Management is a tool that centralises and streamlines audits. There are clear planning, execution and time-saving advantages for the auditor but I actually feel it’s the Head of Audit who gains the biggest benefit as the solution showcases the value of the audit to the business – as a function that is both safeguarding the organisation as well as providing key insight which the business can positively build upon.

As part of implementations, Winterhawk can include bespoke content to optimise out-of-box reporting capabilities. For example, SAP Audit Management offers two standard reports utilising Adobe forms; however, our clients typically want audit reports with customised styling, formatting, and data – we can then offer our clients a solution with the look and feel of an in-house application.


Implementation of SAP Audit Management can be as quick as 12 weeks by leveraging Winterhawk’s Rapid Deployment Services (RDS) enabling fast, efficient roll-out at a lowered cost.

Using Winterhawk’s cost effective and best practice RDS approach, you can plan for a GRC go-live about 3 months from when the project commences. Click here to find out more.


Custom Dashboards, Regulatory, Financial and Cyber content libraries, Robotics, Process Automation, Chat Bots, Process Bots and Machine Learning – Winterhawk has developed a range of innovations for clients with SAP GRC solutions. Click here to find out more.

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