SAP Business Integrity Screening (Fraud Management)

The Solution

SAP Business Integrity Screening (Fraud Management) enables investigators to detect anomalies and prevent fraud as early as possible, minimising the risk of financial losses. Safeguard your organisation against all types of errors, waste and abuse – from incorrect transactions or fraudulent activity to industry-specific threats.

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To help clients, Winterhawk has created two documents:

The History of Business Integrity Screening
How to Build a Business Case for Business Integrity Screening. 

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Client Success Stories

Hundreds of satisfied clients around the world

A quick google search will turn up a plethora of studies by major accounting firms, highlighting the exponential year-on-year cost of fraud to organisations. Clients are increasingly seeking ways to meet the ever-increasing regulatory challenges, while protecting against internal and external losses as well as the risk of sanctions and fines. Of all the SAP GRC solutions, the business case for Business Integrity Screening is one of the easiest to make.

Implementation & Licenses

Implementation of SAP Business Integrity Screening automated by Winterhawk’s “Synergy” Deployment Service, enabling fast, efficient roll-out at a lowered cost. Click here to find out more.

Available either On Premise (client hosted – perpetual license) or via Cloud for Business Integrity Screening (SAP hosted – subscription license).


Custom Dashboards, Regulatory, Financial and Cyber content libraries, Robotics, Process Automation, Chat Bots, Process Bots and Machine Learning – Winterhawk has developed a range of innovations for clients with SAP GRC solutions.
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