SAP Business Integrity Screening (Fraud Management)


Winterhawk recently asked SAP’s Michael Heckner, Senior Director EMEA Center of Excellence for GRC, for his insights into SAP’s Business Integrity Screening solution (formerly SAP Fraud Management). We posed the question:

Clearly, the use of SAP Process Control and SAP Access Control are fundamental to detect and remediate errors and fraud in well-understood, typical scenarios. But in the case of Business Integrity Screening, can you tell us more about its capabilities to detect fraud and support wider investigation?

Michaels’s reply:

With its combined capability of real-time screening 3rd parties and transactions, it provides unprecedented visibility into any further potential outliers, anomalies and fraud with not so well-understood circumstances (‘suspicious cases’ or ‘alerts’). Combine that with machine learning and predictive algorithms, and you get a true next generation GRC solution for the intelligent enterprise.

Business Integrity Screening allows you to screen the ‘full population’ of your business transactions (as opposed to a ‘sample based’ approach). It gives the power to the investigator in the business (without the help of IT) to calibrate the solution to reduce false positive alerts and focus on the true issues. It combines the powerful analytic detection (raising alerts), with user-friendly investigation (making a timely decision on alerts). Ultimately, it helps to stop losses by detecting anomalies early on.


Why SAP Business Integrity Screening (Fraud Management)?

Because the software offers early detection features that help your investigators deter and prevent fraud and anomalies as early as possible, resulting in reduced financial losses. Safeguard your organisation against all types of errors, waste and abuse – from incorrect transactions or fraudulent activity to industry-specific threats.

Features of SAP Business Integrity Screening (Fraud Management)

  • Minimise loss and protect revenue with earlier detection of anomalies in high volumes of transactions
  • Increase the productivity of your investigators with features that reduce false positives
  • Use KPIs and predictive analyses to adapt to new suspicious patterns and mitigate future risk

Improve detection and prevention of fraud and anomalies to reduce losses

Detect risks, fraud and anomalies earlier by screening business partners and transaction data across your enterprise with SAP Business Integrity Screening. Powered by SAP HANA, the application can scan huge volumes of data in real time and with greater accuracy, so your investigators can detect exceptions and fraudulent activity faster, increase their efficiency, and focus on improving detection strategies against future occurrence.

Exception detection and compliance checks

Capture, search, and analyse data from multiple sources – including SAP and non-SAP software. Spot suspicious activities as they are happening to stop transactions before they impact your bottom line. Integrate with SAP Process Control and SAP Audit Management to improve your control framework, enhance exception prevention policies, comply with anti-fraud regulations, screen third parties, and refine risk responses. Deliver effective alert notifications and respond to more exception scenarios relevant to your organisation – such as employee theft, corruption, incorrect transactions, or warranty fraud.


Case investigation and calibration of detection strategies

Use calibration and simulation features to perform what-if analysis on historical data and refine detection strategies. Decrease false-positive results using granular criteria to adjust detection rules. Analyse the performance of detection rules and setups to assess which approaches are the most effective.

Prevention and deterrence

Quickly calculate risk scores and analyse exception scenarios to understand how to prevent re-occurrence. Integrate with ERP applications to stop potentially fraudulent or anomalous transactions before further processing. Integrate with SAP Predictive Analytics to determine which approaches are the most effective in deterring anomalous and fraudulent activity – and make better decisions to reduce risk.

Screening of business partners

Ensure you are not doing business with high-risk or sanctioned parties by screening against lists by government agencies, international organisations, and private content providers.

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