SAP Access Control

Why SAP Access Control?

Because the software lets you move beyond manual processes for managing access risk. SAP Access Control can help you automatically detect, remediate, and ultimately prevent access risk violations, regardless of industry or business size. Get real-time visibility into your current risk position, and confidently reduce unauthorised access, fraud, and the cost of compliance.



Features of SAP Access Control

  • Automatically detect and remediate access risk violations across SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Embed compliance checks and mandatory risk mitigation into business processes
  • Empower users with self-service, workflow-driven access requests and approvals
  • Automate reviews of user access, role authorisations, risk violations, and control assignments
  • Efficiently manage super-user access controls with a centralised, closed-loop process
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail of user and role-based access control activities

Automate access control and enforce governance with ease

Streamline the process of managing and validating user access to applications and data with SAP Access Control. This access governance software automates user provisioning and can help you certify access, embed preventative policy checks, and monitor reviews of emergency access activities – all with minimal support from IT.

Functional Capabilities

  • Access risk analysis: Accurately identify and remediate SoD and critical access violations with embedded risk analysis
  • User access management: Automate user access assignments across SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Role-based access control: Define and maintain compliant roles in business-friendly terms and language

Technical Capabilities

  • Periodic certifications of authorisations: Conduct periodic user-access reviews and ensure SoD mitigations are effective on a regular basis.
  • Emergency access management: Temporarily grant super-user status with “firefighter” login IDs – in a controlled, auditable environment.

SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software is faster and more cost effective to deploy than you may think. Deploying SAP Access Control with Winterhawk’s GRC experts happens in a matter of weeks.


Implementation of Access Control can be as quick as 10 weeks by leveraging Winterhawk’s best practice Master Data toolkits along with the expertise of our GRC specialists.

Winterhawk’s Rapid Deployment Services (RDS) for SAP GRC software solutions enables fast, efficient roll-out of out-of-the-box functionality, bespoke organisation hierarchy and customised master data (for example your organisation’s specific processes/controls/risks).

Using Winterhawk’s cost effective and best practice RDS strategy, you can plan for a GRC go-live in less than 3 months from when the project commences.

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