The Reality of Risk: Part III

by Andrew Sawyer

The focus of this series is managing Organizational Risks:


Enhanced Reporting & Visualization

The Challenge: Organizations today are not just looking for their solutions to come with comprehensive functionality, they also want more advanced features to allow them to visualize and prioritize what is important to them.

SAP GRC solutions such as SAP Risk Management (RM) come with out of the box delivered reporting and metrics, but more often than not, clients are looking to define their own metrics to meet their specific requirements.

The Opportunity: SAP GRC solutions such as SAP Risk Management, Access Control & Process Control have native integration with analytic and dashboard applications such as SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP BW, which can be used to generate powerful fully-interactive reporting which is applicable to all levels of the business.

By utilizing SAP Fiori, these new and powerful reports and apps can be created within the solutions, providing enhanced awareness & information based on pre-existing data sources.




Supporting Zero Trust Security

With more frequent and increasingly sophisticated threats to Business Systems and Assets, organizations themselves need to apply appropriate counter-measures and heighten levels of Security to deal with the ever-growing volume of Risks.

Many of you may have heard of the concepts of Zero Trust Security, but in summary a few of the key principles are:

    • Assume the worst case
    • Always verify & authenticate
    • Secure identities & access

SAP Risk Management can be leveraged to identify, document and assess Risk based on these Zero Trust principles. Did you know that RM can also be linked with Vulnerability Management and Threat intelligence solutions to identify new Risks, and support with the assessment of existing Risks.

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