Cybersecurity2020: How to get the most out of using the SAP Security Audit Log

SAPinsider are taking their August Cybersecurity2020 conference online, and Winterhawk has been selected to speak at the 4-day event which explores the latest trends, biggest challenges, customer case studies, and best practices for securing your SAP platforms, products, deployments, processes, and business applications.

Winterhawk’s “How to get the most out of using the SAP Security Audit Log – from configuration to monitoring” will provide an overview of the SAP security audit log, how to configure it, and how best to use it.

The log records security-related system information such as unsuccessful logon attempts, changes to user master records, and remote function calls (RFCs) for review and investigation.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Walk through the configuration steps for setting up the SAP security audit log and understand the best ways to report and monitor the events
  • Gain an understanding of the types of activities that can and should be monitored
  • Learn what filters you can place on the logs to get the best result
  • Discover the best ways of “selling” the use of the SAP security audit log to senior management

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