Webinar: SAP Security Expert On-Demand

Event type: Webinar
Date: June 28th
Time: 13:30 UK
Presenters: Andrew Sawyer & Gary Kirkwood

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Event Description: When everything flows smoothly, SAP works effortlessly behind the scenes; however, when an issue arises, you need an expert who can resolve problems efficiently and effectively. Why pay for a fixed length support contract when you don’t need it all the time?

Winterhawk’s SAP Security Expert On-Demand service provides organisations with the assurance that their SAP Security is supported by (only) experienced resources familiar with the application set-up, with the added flexibility to ensure support is provided when required. In this 30 minute webinar, Andrew and Gary provide an overview of how Winterhawk’s Expert On-Demand service works and the organisations that are today benefiting from this model. Let us focus on Security and Governance, so you can focus on running your business.