Webinar: Tax Compliance

Event type: WebinarSAP Tax Compliance supported by winterhawk for all your SAP compliance needs
Date: February 15th
Time: 13:30 UK
Presenter: Lars Andersson

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Event Description: SAP’s Tax Compliance solution helps organisations to streamline their tax management process and significantly reduce the likelihood of fines and other penalties. This 45 minute session will show how processes can be automated, easy steps to optimise tax rules (while alleviating false alarms), achieving full integration with your ERP Financials systems, with the ability to calculate, validate, transfer and report taxes.

Presenter bio: Based in Sweden, Lars is a Venture Capitalist with more than 30 years of experience running businesses in Scandinavia. He studied economics at University, becoming a controller at an international production company, which included responsibility for procurement and HR. He has been a Chief of Finance in both private and public forestry export companies, handling information to the stock market and has served on multiple boards.