Webinar: Know Your Vulnerabilities – Protect your SAP Business Data

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Event type: Webinar 
Wednesday 25th November, 2020
Time: US & Canada – Eastern 10am, Central 9am, Mountain 8am, Pacific 7am
Time: Central Europe 4pm, UK 3pm
Duration: 30 minutes

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Event Description:

How confident are you that your SAP systems are secure?

Join Winterhawk’s security experts to learn how to resolve common pain points, such as:

  • Scanning for SAP vulnerabilities
  • Ensuring secure connections between your SAP systems
  • Prioritising vulnerabilities for mitigation (heatmaps and connection maps)
  • Automating manual SAP Security processes
  • Ensuring you are always up-to-date with SAP Security notes
  • Gaining better insight into risks, mitigation and trends
  • Get ahead of the curve ahead of annual audits

Learn how to gain real-time intelligence so you can proactively identify hackers and suspicious activity, to prevent damage to your SAP systems and protect your business data.

This session will be relevant to:

  • DPO
  • SAP GRC application owners
  • individuals with responsibility for SAP Security
  • Cyber Security professionals

Please note: This session is only open to individuals who work for clients who are running SAP.