SAP Single Sign-On


Winterhawk recently asked SAP’s Hussen Raza, GRC, Digital Core & Solution Sales for the UK, for his views on SAP Single Sign-On. We posed the question:

How does Single Sign-On help an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy?

Hussen’s reply:

90% of an organisation’s cybersecurity risks are caused by just 1% of employees. The sharing and writing down of usernames and passwords are the common weak links that undermine security, because employees frequently forget application logon details and IT Service Desks are not quick to respond. Single Sign-On removes the need for a user to remember dozens of different usernames and passwords, by securely and efficiently logging users in to systems by utilising tokens and encryption.


Why SAP Single Sign-On?

Because it gives users secure access to applications and business information across all systems? with just one password. This SSO solution gives users a better experience and increases security. In addition, it supports strong authentication, digital signatures and state-of-the-art encryption.

Features of SAP Single Sign-On

With SAP SSO you can:

  • Increase productivity by allowing users to log in once to gain access to all of their accounts
  • Add vital security functionality to SAP and non-SAP software landscapes
  • Ensure confidentiality through reliable, standards-based encryption during data transmission
  • Protect against cybercrime using smart cards, two-factor and risk-based authentication, digital signatures, and encryption
  • Reduce help desk costs by decreasing the number of calls made to recover passwords

Enhance the user experience, strengthen cybersecurity, and streamline administration – with SAP Single Sign-On. This SSO solution gives users secure access to SAP and non-SAP software with a single password, so you can improve both efficiency and IT security. Assign identity credentials for SSO authentication, enhance access control, and reduce helpdesk costs.

Functional Capabilities:

  • Improve employee efficiency and productivity by eliminating multiple authentication procedures
  • Give employees just one password to remember and enforce strong password policies
  • Minimise password-related helpdesk costs due to significantly fewer calls for recovering passwords and unlocking accounts
  • Enhance authentication security using smart cards, two-factor and risk-based authentication, and digital signatures
  • Increase data security by encrypting data in transit

Technical Capabilities:

  • Best-in-class single-sign-on (SSO) technology based on Kerberos, SPNEGO, X.509, and SAML 2.0
  • Cryptographic features certified by security standard FIPS 140-2, including integration with hardware security modules
  • Encrypted connection between users and business software
  • Ability to secure both SAP and non-SAP software
  • Advanced enterprise security features such as two-factor authentication, and risk-based authentication using access policies
  • Fast user identification via RFID
  • Digital signature support
  • Mobile single sign-on with SAP Authenticator app

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