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Business Challenges

Control: Managing controls across a company is essential to staying compliant but also to deliver agility and resilience. Controls ensure processes are being carried out as per regulations, policies and corporate values. Additionally efficiencies can be gained through Process Automation and Optimization.

Costs: Historically with SAP solutions, you first have the license cost, and then secondly, a large expenditure on the deployment, as well as needing to become solution experts to support post implementation.

Innovation: Removing the entire capital expenditure for the Deployment of SAP Risk and Assurance Management (RAM), we are offering a No-Fee Deployment. Our ongoing support service is then tailored to the size of the customers organization and includes our unique Industry Packages including ESG standards.



SAP Risk and Assurance Management (RAM)

Next-generation Control and Risk solution for SAP Cloud

Solution Objective:

  • An internal controls solution enabling the centralized management, execution, monitoring and reporting of an organization’s Risk & Control frameworks and regulatory requirements (such as SoX, ISO, FCPA..).

Solution Focus:

  • To identify inconsistencies in operating procedures and policies, deviations from best practices, factual errors, or unauthorized activity that could lead to financial and regulatory compliance misstatements.
  • Improve compliance efficiency, reduce costs through automated content, reducing manual workload and increasing efficiencies.

Solution Benefits:

  • Provides regulatory (Financial & Non-Financial) and internal controls assurance within a single Risk and Control solution.
  • Full integration with S/4HANA for automation of control performance and exception monitoring.
  • Manage and remediate identified issues & exceptions and apply corrective action.
  • Ready to deploy content (includes automated procedures) from SAP, and industry vertical content packs by Winterhawk (see further down)


Dynamic issue creation

  • Recreate issues with configurable logic when significant control failures occur
  • Drill down into issues to determine relevance and severity as they relate to the internal control of a financial reporting process
  • Determine the next steps needed to close out issues

Configurable automated procedures

  • Schedule control tasks to run automatically against the target system
  • Customize business parameters to assign multiple automated controls to each procedure
  • Reflect the overall status of a single control in every test run

Rich control environment definition

  • Document control information, such as description, significance, control risk level, control group, and owner
  • Link every control to objects, including regulations, processes, organisations, and automated or manual procedures

SAP Risk and Assurance Management (RAM)

Winterhawk Developed Industry Packages


Construction, Mining, Aviation, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Environment & Agriculture, Sports, Wholesale Distribution, Banking, Insurance, Building Materials, Logistics, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, Mill & Paper, Energy, Life Science, Automotive, Retail, Chemicals, Defense and Engineering

Each Industry includes embedded ESG standards.

Others available upon request.

SAP Quote

“This Syntax/Winterhawk initiative has seized the opportunity to proactively develop new business outcomes for customers, industries, lines of businesses. This is a game changer for accelerating customer value in SAP RAM . I’m really excited by the impact I believe this will have, SAP are right behind this very exciting development”

Dr Neil Patrick – SAP Solution owner for SAP Risk and Assurance Management (RAM)

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