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Winterhawk is a Global Platinum-level reseller and implementer of ERP Maestro. It’s a solution we highly recommend for clients who are seeking a fast-to-implement solution which is also cost-effective. Our clients also love its ease of use and the fantastic dashboards.

ERP Maestro is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, enabling organisations to gain visibility into SAP user access risks. It provides the ability to identify, rectify and prevent Segregation of Duties (SoD) violations, monitor sensitive access, enable emergency access management, automate provisioning and reduce unauthorised access.

• A monthly Opex subscription model (includes hosting, implementation and ongoing maintenance and application support)
• Aimed at organisations seeking to control their SAP Access Controls and reduce the risk of audit failures and support remediation.
• ERP Maestro’s  Risk definition and Rulebook has been validated with Audit firms such as Deloitte, PWC, KPMG & Grant Thornton.
• ERP Maestro is certified for integration with SAP applications (ECC, S/4HANA and Success Factors etc.).

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Risk Management Dashboard

The Risk Management dashboard within Access Analyzer gives summary snapshots, providing a high-level view of the state of risk within an organisation’s SAP landscape.


The risk snapshots are multi-layered; they can be drilled down into for a greater level of detail.


Functional & Technical Capabilities

Features and Benefits

  • Quickly see all conflicts ranked by risk level, what’s causing the risk, and how many users and roles are impacted by existing SoD conflicts.
  • Actively monitor the base of SAP users with access to sensitive functionality for audit and operational purposes.
  • At-a-glance view of all items to review, with one-click approval, rejection or delegation actions.
  • Rapidly generate web-based dashboard reporting with drill-down capabilities.
  • Simulate Role and User modifications to validate the desired impact on Risk.
  • Enables automatic removal of Sensitive Access.
  • Give emergency access to pre-approved users when  temporary authorisations are required to process transactions.
  • Accelerate remediation through analysis and recommendation reports.
  • Generate complete and accurate documentation during emergency access from granting to deprovisioning.
  • Administrators can create and configure new reviews, manage reviewers and assign due dates.

Solution Insight

Linda Hewison Lars Andersson Winterhawk Co Owner. Responsible for Service Delivery, Training and Education of SAP GRC and Security Consultants

Linda Hewison, CFO

Large enterprises, will typically purchase SAP Access Control to gain control over sensitive access and segregation of duties. As a consulting firm, we noticed a gap where medium-sized enterprises running SAP were unable to justify the cost of a full enterprise edition of Access Control. So what does a medium-sized enterprise running SAP do, especially when they have an audit team telling them to provide assurance over user access? Our answer is typically ERP Maestro.

Our clients have all been delighted with the speed to get up and running, and the fact that the price includes implementation, ongoing support, hosting and training. The business-friendly language is often commented upon, along with the out-of-the-box reporting.

Credibility is key. There are other GRC solutions for SAP on the market, but none of them are used by the leading Audit firms – having confidence in the solution you procure is vital.

Implementation & Support

ERP Maestro can be provided by Winterhawk for a low-cost subscription, and implemented within a matter of days.

Packaged within the overall cost is:

  • Cloud Hosting Included
  • Implementation Included
  • 24/7 Application Support Included
  • Maintenance Included
  • End-User Training Included
  • Backed by audit and industry expertise
  • Secure access anytime, anywhere from any device

Client Testimonials

“We signed an agreement and were up and running on a fully functioning SOD analyser in probably less than 40 man hours. Amazing product and a great example of what’s possible when you embrace the cloud.”

Chad Anderson
VP and CIO, Del Monte Foods Inc.

“I can now run the analysis and have an answer to what issue is causing access restriction down to the t-code and authorisation object level. Before ERP Maestro, this was not possible.”

Arnaud Seigle-Goujon
Corporate Director – Internal Audit, Cascades

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