SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

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The impact of cyber crime can reach beyond finances. The assessment, control and prevention of cyber attacks (as well as internal and external fraud) in order to limit and avoid financial, brand and reputation loss, is no easy task. Companies have to reconsider how they collect and store information, to ensure that sensitive information isn’t vulnerable.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection provides real-time insight into suspicious activities across your business application landscape and enables you to identify breaches as they occur.

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The threat landscape is changing at a rapid pace, with insider threats, identity theft, and attacks aimed at soliciting information from specific employees all on the increase.

Knowing the data that is most critical to your organisation (i.e., employee data, financial data, leads, contracts, customer data etc.) is an important first step in protecting against those threats. The second step is understanding where that data is stored (emails, SAP systems, cloud drives etc.) and the third is ensuring you have the right protection for your infrastructure. That brings us to SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, which does exactly what the name implies – provides an enterprise-wide solution for threat awareness and detection.


Automated implementation of SAP Enterprise Threat Detection in just a matter of weeks by Winterhawk “Synergy”, enabling fast, efficient roll-out at a lowered fixed cost.

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Available either On Premise (client hosted – perpetual license) or via Cloud for Enterprise Threat Detection (SAP hosted – subscription license).

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