SAP Dynamic Authorisation Management


Winterhawk recently asked SAP’s Dr. Neil Patrick, Director, GRC & Security CoE, Digital Core & Industry Solutions for EMEA South, for his views on Dynamic Authorisation Management by NextLabs (SAP DAM). We posed the question:

Making sure the right people get the right data when they need it is vital to any organisation – how is DAM solving that problem Neil?

Neil’s reply:

Role-based access governance is being replaced by Attribute-based access governance. For a mature platform to reduce role management complexities, and radical reduction of the number of roles or SAP and non-SAP solutions, SAP Dynamic Authorisation Management by NextLabs is the ideal choice.


Why SAP Dynamic Authorisation Management by NextLabs?

This solution provides you with dynamic attribute-based access control (ABAC), so you can facilitate collaboration while improving enterprise data security and compliance.

Features of SAP Dynamic Authorisation Management

With SAP Dynamic Authorisation Management you can:

  • Facilitate secure collaboration across your business network
  • Establish consistent access control policies across SAP applications enterprise-wide
  • Improve information security by enforcing data access and sharing policies
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and simplify compliance reporting

Secure enterprise data without compromising productivity

  • Incorporates an attribute-based access control model
  • Enables preventive policies applied during transaction execution before data is transmitted
  • Features simple policies that can be administered by business owners
  • Supports roll-out new access-control policies instantly across entire user base

Enable access control at a granular level

  • Applies real-time contextual information from multiple sources
  • Draws on user account profile information
  • Looks at the status of the specific data object a user wishes to access
  • Can take specific actions each time an access request is granted

Cut complexity in access management

  • Automatically incorporates business rules and policies for continuous access governance
  • Applies access-control business rules and system-level authorisation policies from a single, common console
  • Can apply a single policy to all connected applications
  • Provides an intuitive graphical interface for policy administration

Fulfil your compliance obligations effectively

  • Provides functionality to meet data security and non-disclosure requirements
  • Enables robust and compliant data-segregation rules to be established
  • Tracks and reports on access requests
  • Audits how sensitive data is ultimately used

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