Public Sector

SAP solutions help consumer products companies become more consumer driven. They can accelerate time to market with products consumers want and respond to dynamic demand quickly and profitably. In addition, companies can reach, engage, and serve consumers with timely, tailored, and relevant information and offers along the entire path to purchase.

Why SAP?

SAP solutions connect processes for a variety of industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business with industry-specific solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices



What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Operational excellence: Drive strategy, policymaking, and operations for a data-driven government.

Economic prosperity: Achieve sustainable government funding to deliver the services and programs citizens need and want.

Resilience and security: Create a safer world with effective processes and technologies that suit mission needs.

Citizen needs: Improve government transparency, performance, and governance while meeting the needs of citizens.


What are the benefits?

SAP for Public Sector solutions support government organisations, leading to:

  • Improved quality of citizens’ lives
  • Increased government trust
  • Improved stewardship of taxpayers’ money
  • Safer, more sustainable communities

Public Sector Organisations leveraging SAP include:

  • Canadian Revenue Agency
  • Bernalillo County
  • Fire & Rescue NSW
  • Colorado Department of Transportation
  • Hamburg Port Authority

Why Winterhawk?

We have supported a number of clients in the Public Sector with Cyber and GRC projects, such as Clark County Nevada and the Canada Revenue Agency.

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