Oil & Gas

SAP solutions help oil and gas companies deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy needed to drive world economic growth and elevate the standard of living. The solutions can help optimise capital spend, maximise return on assets, improve profitability, and drive sustainable operations while operating safely, developing talent effectively, and digitally transforming businesses.

Why SAP?

SAP solutions reflect unmatched industry expertise, supporting a network of almost 3,500 global oil and gas companies, with over 50% of the world’s oil movements being managed with SAP solutions. They provide the digital platform for simplification, innovation, and the acceleration of business goals.



What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Capital and spend effectiveness: Plan capital, manage projects, and procure all materials to build the assets needed in oil and gas

Integrated digital oilfield operations: Operate complex assets to get the oil or gas out of the ground for refining or processing

Hydrocarbon supply chain: Refine or process oil or gas, transport to retail outlets, and sell at commercial service stations.

Operational integrity: Guide operational risk and asset integrity, ensure health and safety, and plan workforce competency.

Simplify and enhance the user experience: Enable consistency and role-based experiences across channels, brands, and devices.

What are the benefits?

SAP solutions help enable companies in the oil and gas industry to be resilient through:

  • Optimised production processes to improve capital employed and perfect supply chains
  • Reduced operational risks and costs, using real-time analytics for maximum value

Oil & Gas organisations leveraging SAP include:

  • Valero Energy Corporation
  • Devon Energy Corporation
  • Statoil
  • LUKOIL Lubricants

Why Winterhawk?

Winterhawk clients in the Energy sector include Suncor, AmeriGas and Elster, leveraging a range of SAP Security and implementation services as well as SAP Security support.

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