The future of mining requires simplification. Companies that buy from mining companies want the products and commodities they order delivered on time and as expected. They want flexible delivery options and no worries about compliance or safety.

Mining companies struggle with this due to significant complexities such as:

  • Eroding margins from commodity price unpredictability; lower-quality reserves; and inefficient extraction, production, and supply chain processes
  • Missed revenue opportunities from limited visibility into product assays, transportation networks, and situational factors in dispersed locations
  • Difficult license retention from ineffective regulatory compliance processes and documentation and challenges maintaining safety protocols in dispersed locations

Moving forward, mining companies can maximise profits and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction through optimised asset performance; operational continuity; environment, health, and safety compliance; and, ultimately, timely deliveries.

Why SAP?

With more than 700 mining customers worldwide, SAP offers deep, industry-specific functionality and support for best practices under a global platform. Simplicity is at the core of our next-generation applications. Every function is integrated, cloud first, and on one common platform to drive insights, efficiency, and growth based on a unified and comprehensive view of customers and products across the supply chain.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Reduce mine and asset operational complexity: Integrate the plan-to-production process with quality management; align asset maintenance planning with execution.

Streamline sourcing: Identify savings opportunities from spend data, execute strategic sourcing, and analyse suppliers.

Recruit and retain employees globally: Recruit, train, and retain specialised employees in dispersed locations

Use simple ad hoc reporting and analysis: Access a real-time, consolidated view for operations benchmarking and self-service decision making

Reduce environment, health, and safety risks: Use streamlined and best-practice processes to design and deliver safe and compliant products and operations.

Simplify and enhance the user experience: Enable consistency and role-based experiences across channels, brands, and devices.

What are the benefits?

By running more simply, mining companies are able to:

  • Be first to market with innovative products
  • Predict, prevent, or resolve maintenance issues quickly, leading to higher asset availability and lower costs
  • Identify savings from spend data and eliminate discrepancies between PO, invoice, and payment, leading to reduced costs across procurement
  • Attract, develop, and retain a 21st-century workforce, leading to lower employee turnover and higher revenue per employee
  • Track and learn from incidents and provide visibility into performance, leading to lower recordable accidents


Why Winterhawk?

Mine operators are expected to keep the workforce safe, uphold ethical working practices and comply with complex trading regulations.

Winterhawk’s consultants understand the need for the workforce to return home safely and how to comply with global trade and customs regulation. We are considered the most cost effective GRC consultancy practice in Europe.

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