Media Industry

Ubiquitous connectivity challenges mass media business models while offering new opportunities. SAP solutions help maintain the cost-efficiency of traditional media delivery and provide the technology for building new, profitable, audience-centric business models through digital channels.

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

  • Compelling content creation: Keep a firm grip on high-quality content while reducing the time and cost of content creation.
  • Audience engagement: Gain insight in audience segments from Big Data analytics, and deliver engaging customer experiences.
  • Content monetisation: Sell through multiple channels, reach digital audiences, and retain consumers of traditional media.


Why SAP?

SAP solutions connect processes for a variety of industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business with industry-specific solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices.





What are the benefits?

SAP technology enables media companies to establish direct relationships with digital audiences, use data-driven audience insights, develop new digital business, and gain:

  • Preserved profit margins of traditional mass media delivery
  • New profitable growth through digital channels
  • Increased audience stickiness
  • Higher-value offerings to audiences via personalisation, flexibility, and user experience
  • Higher inventory value for advertising customers through precision targeting

Why Winterhawk?

Media outlets are expected to provide valuable content and information to their readership, whilst competing with other media distribution channels, protecting customer data, providing competitive returns for shareholders, and complying with complex regulations and ethical practices.

Winterhawk’s consultants understand the media sector’s challenges and the tight margins distributers operate under. We are considered the most cost effective GRC consultancy practice in Europe.

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