Higher Education & Research

Higher education and research solutions from SAP reduce operational costs and complexity, deliver superior research results, develop alternate funding sources, effectively manage regulatory compliance, and establish full visibility and transparency of operational support. SAP solutions operate on a unified and integrated platform to help institutions run better by improving services in teaching, learning, and research.


Why SAP?

SAP solutions connect processes for a variety of industry value chains by integrating horizontal lines of business with higher education and research solutions on premise, in the cloud, and through mobile devices.

Educational Organisations leveraging SAP include:

  • Universidad de Concepción
  • KU Leuven
  • University of Amsterdam
  • La Trobe University





What do SAP solutions help customers do?

Students, teaching, and learning: Offer compelling learning environments, and manage the 360-degree student lifecycle.

Commercial and non-commercial research: Use an integrated platform to provide research efficiency, and remove administrative burdens.

Education funding and income: Increase insight into revenue generation via alternate funding while curbing tuition increases.

Why Winterhawk?

Educational institutions and services are expected to provide greater value for money, improved efficiencies and cost reduction whilst under pressure to transform, protect students and keep up to date with compliance and regulation.

Winterhawk’s consultants understand transformation pressures, cost restraints, the regulatory landscape and need to find value in the education sector. We are considered the most cost effective GRC consultancy practice in Europe.

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