SAP GRC Education

Effective software education and training provides a natural synergy between positive end-user adoption and efficient administrative co-ordination of activities from any SAP software platform.

Traditional training and education is based on generic software usage scenarios with no customisation on how your organisation needs to use the SAP software.

Winterhawk treats SAP software training and education differently, specifically tailoring training scenarios to how your organisation plans to use the SAP software platform.

During all Winterhawk implementation and upgrade projects, we provide training and education workshops with end-users and administrators of every SAP solution. This training and education is carefully tailored to how the organisations plan to use and roll-out the software across the organisation.


Training & Education Activities

With any project, you can expect Winterhawk to provide the following training and education activities:

  • During project commencement Winterhawk provides an SAP software orientation workshop with project stakeholders and identified end-user champions
  • Blend both business process training with technical software education
  • During the project design workshops, detailed software functionality demonstrations and design thinking is provided
  • Bespoke training document for administrators
  • Bespoke training document for end-users
  • Deliver hands-on SAP software training workshops tailored to the audience; whether for administrators and/or end-users
  • Provide handover documentation to support business as usual (BAU)

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