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Winterhawk recently asked SAP’s Nishi Prakash, Senior Director, GRC Global CoE, for her insights. We posed the question:

How does GRC, specifically SaaS and Cloud-based GRC, fit with SAP’s corporate strategy?

Nishi’s reply:

SAP’s Corporate Strategy is to ‘Deliver the Intelligent Enterprise’, using ‘BIS with Predictive Analytics’ and ‘SAP Next Practise.’ Winterhawk’s GRC Synergy delivers a very cost-effective and efficient SaaS service, linked perfectly to our corporate strategies.


Hosting & Licensing, Implementations & Support

The GRC Synergy Solution

Winterhawkis proud to offer GRC Synergy – an adaptable solution for clients wishing to deploy one or more of the SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) suite of applications.

GRC Synergy provides customers with a flexible, innovative solution that can include SAP software license(s) fees as well as SAP maintenance fees, hosting and hardware, and implementation and functional support services. In addition, clients may deploy the GRC applications as an entire suite or as individual elements, based upon their needs and budget.

GRC Synergy offers clients accelerated deployment with the benefit of a significantly lower operating cost model.

Quality • Flexibility • Performance

GRC Synergy

SAP GRC Software Licenses

We offer a flexible approach to SAP software where clients can choose between a one time on premise purchase or a SaaS model; available for any or all of the SAP GRC Applications.

GRC Synergy

Application Support / Managed Services for Your SAP Applications

Functional application support of the client’s selected Security, GRC  and IDM applications post Go-Live. Result driven with ongoing remediation and process improvement.



GRC Synergy Wheel

GRC Synergy
Managed SAP Application Services Delivered in the Cloud

Application management services and business process solutions to ensure your applications adapt as your business changes.


GRC Synergy

Deployment of GRC Applications

Leverage a range of implementation, education, training & project management accelerators, to drive a rapid time to value for the deployment of your SAP GRC Application.

The Offering

GRC Synergy can include any of these components; clients may choose one or more of the following:

  • GRC Synergy allows clients to obtain the GRC applications of their choosing, based upon client need, and pay for it in a monthly SaaS model, removing the traditional significant up-front costs associated with the purchase of SAP software.
  • Leveraging world class data centres, ISO 27001, SAP Certifications for Hosting and Cloud Services, GRC Synergy provides clients robust secure data centres, with the necessary storage, optional disaster recovery, and support up through the SAP BASIS layer.
  • Many clients require their data to reside in specific geographic locations or may need specific industry certifications. As a Security and Governance focused organisation, we appreciate the importance of data security and it’s integrity when considering a Cloud based approach.
  • GRC Synergy offers clients a rapid deployment solution for their SAP implementation; tailored to the client, performed by experienced SAP GRC specialists, deploying the SAP GRC applications and providing accelerators to optimise project management and service delivery.
  • GRC Synergy offers expertise and functional application support for the client’s selected GRC applications post Go-Live. Among the many services available key highlights can include result driven remediation, risks and rules) design, training and education, business awareness, role ownership and certification.

Building a Business Case

GRC Synergy offers clients wishing to deploy SAP GRC applications the following values and benefits:

  • Flexibility: Clients select the components that will provide the most benefits to their business, based on their requirements and strategy.
  • Avoid Upfront Capital Expenditure: GRC Synergy is a comprehensive solution with a fixed monthly operating expense.
  • Faster Time to Value: Achieve a quicker return on investment from rapid deployment options and best practice accelerators.
  • Deep Expertise: Our consultants leverage years of industry experience and best practice to provide a smooth and efficient deployment of your chosen GRC applications.


  • Quality: World class SAP Certified Data Centres.
  • Availability: 24x7x365 coverage for our clients, backed by service level agreements for availability and performance.
  • Data Security: Data Centres with ISO 27001 and SSAE16 Certification.
  • Risk Mitigation: Pre-defined options, management of scope creep, rapid implementation and deployment of the chosen GRC applications.
  • Transparency: Tailored services, which focus on the overall client experience and requirements.


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