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“Data is the new gold” is the latest buzz phrase. On its own, data has perhaps little value – just like gold it needs to go through a process, be changed and analysed to gain the maximum value. One thing is for sure, data is a commodity, just like gold. Data, simply put, has become an organisation’s most valuable asset.

Digital Transformation – the use of fast, new and changing digital technology to solve challenges. Transforming processes that were non-digital or which were manual into digital processes.

HR Transformation – the process of implementing change to the way in which the organisation as a whole delivers HR (examples: employee self-service, aligning business goals to people strategies, automation of processes).

Finance Transformation – changing how the function operates to achieve performance gains by delivering services that better meet the needs of the business (examples: shortening a budget cycle, automation of tasks such as reconciliation, journal entries, preparing financial statements).

One of the biggest challenges of any Digital, HR or Finance Transformation is around data – knowing where data resides, identifying data which is sensitive, and where that data touches regulatory compliance needs and activities. The larger the organisation, the more you’ll find data is spread far and wide. Then you have the added risk of that data being stolen…

Winterhawk Insight:

“We didn’t understand the complexity of the data, or how & where it was being used throughout our organisation.”

“We spent time and effort data-mapping as part of our transformation, but we incurred delay and cost to our project because of unexpected data complexity.”

If those statements sound familiar, you may have been involved in digital transformation programmes in the past. Click the thumbnail to read our latest article on how the right tools can make all the difference to transformation projects.

What if?

You could find, map, catalogue, correlate and classify across all types of data, in any language,
across structured, unstructured, big data, cloud and apps – all with one tool?

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Gain visibility to sensitive data and deep data intelligence across all types of data, across all data stores.

Capture & manage – Technical, business and security metadata across your entire data environment. Automatically map sensitive & personal data.
Classification – Leverage both pattern & Machine Learning (ML) based classification to automatically classify data elements, metadata and docs across any data source or data pipeline.
Cluster Analysis – Find duplicate and similar data for easy labelling, governance & data consolidation across files and databases. Apply patented ML-based data analysis.
Correlation – Find Personal Information (PI) and correlating data back to a person or entity for privacy data rights automation. Automatically identify data relationships, identities, entities, dark data, inferred data, and associated sensitive data.
Coverage – Advanced discovery-in-depth on all of your data wherever it lives – on-prem, in the cloud, and a hybrid environment.



Move beyond policy and process to data-centric privacy compliance and automation

DSAR Automation – Automate data access rights fulfilment and reporting at scale.
Deletion Validation – Ensure ongoing, automated validation of individual deletion requests.
Third Party Data Sharing – Manage, monitor, & validate third party data transfers.
Data flow mapping – Find & classify PI and PII to automate inventory & data mapping.
PI Classification – ML-driven classification for direct and indirect identifiers based on association.
Consent Governance – Correlate, govern, and orchestrate consent and preferences.
Data Retention – Assign and enforce retention timelines to attributes based on policy.
Policy Enforcement – Define business-specific policies to manage, detect & alert on data transfers & misuse.
Data Inventory – Maintain automated, up-to-date inventory of data by person, residency, data source/type.


Rethink data protection and remediation with discovery-in-depth

360 Visibility – Gain broad coverage in context with other types of data across data centres and in the cloud – and seamlessly integrate data intelligence insights in a single pane of glass.
Dark Data Discovery – Leverage machine learning and deep learning for Named Entity Recognition (NER) to uncover dark data, discover relationships between data, and protect an organization’s crown jewels.
ML Classification – Automatically classify sensitive data – classify by regulation, document type, policy, attributes, person, and more.
Data Access Insights – Identify overexposed data and get insights on access intelligence to reduce risk and protect personal & sensitive data across your enterprise data stores.
Automatic Labelling – Automatically label and tag files based on existing classification – and align labels with automated workflows for advanced data protection and lifecycle management.
Policy Enforcement – Automate policy checks and enforcement orchestration around data movement and compliance, and integrate with DRM, DLP, encryption, tagging, and other point tools.
Data Remediation – Remediate at-risk data and proactively protect sensitive data with deep data intelligence – and take action for security, privacy, and governance remediation.
Breach Notification – Accurately determine impacted users following a breach incident, meet breach notification requirements, and speed up investigation response.
Risk Scoring – Prioritise risk remediation with risk scoring, and build custom risk metrics based on data type, location, access, consent, and more.



Streamline data and AI governance with deeper data intelligence

Data Catalog – See attributes, metadata, and context around your data to make intelligent decisions.
Unified Inventory – Automatically inventory enterprise data via ML across siloed data assets.
Metadata Exchange – Import business glossaries, discover the full scope of data, map business terms.
Data Quality – Actively monitor the consistency, accuracy, completeness and validity of your data.
Metadata Management – Enrich technical metadata with business & operational metadata for full visibility.
Data Labelling – Label data (e.g. residency, risk classification) automatically across data sources.

BigID: Know Your Data

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