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Winterhawk has grown from a boutique to being the leading global SAP GRC and Security specialist. We support in excess of 3 million users, ranging from large enterprises through to smaller mid-sized organisations – everyone needs data protection!

Our client success stories, from across more than 20 different business sectors, demonstrate how companies are harnessing the power of GRC, and benefiting from our range of Regulatory, Cyber and Identity consulting services.


A selection of some of our most recent Case Studies:

Carlsberg Denmark SAP GRC Access Control 10.1

• SAP GRC tailored Education Programme for an Aerospace company
• SAP Security Role and User Audit Remediation for an Aviation company
• SAP ECC to S/4 HANA Security migration project for an Energy company
• Remediation of a Global Trade Services deployment for a Logistics company
• Implementation of SAP Business Integrity Screening with FCPA content
• Implementation of SAP Access Control to SAP SuccessFactors
• Development of enhanced GRC reporting leveraging SAP Cloud Analytics
• Implementation of SAP GRC Access Control for a Leisure Company
• SAP Security Remediation for a Life Sciences company
• Innovation : Development of Robotics and Machine Learning for GRC
• Process Control implementation with content for an Oil Refining company
• SAP GRC Access Control 12.0 Implementation for an Aviation supply company
• GRC Managed Services for a Public Service company
• Audit Remediation and building new risk framework for a CPG company
• Implement GDPR controls including HR separation for a Life Sciences company
• SAP License Management and Remediation for a CPG company
• SAP Identity Management Support and managed services for a CPG company
• Implementation of SAP GRC Access Control for a Medical Supplies company
• Data Visibility Remediation, IAM and IDM assessments for a CPG company
• Access Control Implementation for a manufacturing company
• SAP Process Control implementation for a Chemicals company
• SAP Security Remediation for a Heating & Ventilation company
• SOD assessments and managed services for a Food Services company
• GDPR and Cyber Services for a Telecommunications company
• SAP Audit Management implementation for a Chemicals company
• Low cost GRC Managed Services for a Chemicals company
• Architecting a new SAP Governance model for an Automotive company
• Building and Remediating Regulatory Controls for a Financial Services company
• Addressing SAP Joiner, Leaver and Mover Processes in Finance Services
• Building out Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCMS) for an Engineering company
• Building Process Controls & Risk Frameworks for an Automotive company
• Enhancing GRC Controls and Processes for a Retail company
• GDPR content and deployment of SAP GRC Process Control for a Retail company
• Audit Management Training and Planning for a Private Healthcare company
• SAP Security S/4 HANA deployment for an Education Sector company
• Microsoft Active Directory review for a Public Sector organisation
• SAP Risk Management implementation for a Chemicals company
• GRC Access and Process Control deployment for a Beverage company
• SAP Security & SAP Cybersecurity review for a Utilities company
• SAP Tax Compliance deployment services for a Retail company
• SOX, GDPR services content for GRC solutions for a Media company
• SAP GRC Process Control Rapid Deployment for an Oil and Gas company


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