Winterhawk ESG & Industry – solution advancements

Over 1 year ago Winterhawk initiated a software development journey to develop business solutions for SAP Financial Compliance Management (SAP FCM).

Over the last year we’ve seen the challenges clients are facing coming to terms with increasing regulatory requirements and expectations, including for example ESG reporting. At the same time, cost is a major factor, coming off the back of several challenging COVID years, high inflation, recession, an energy crisis and spiking wage bills.

Organizations are seeking value from their technology purchases more now than ever before, and they want to see a very clear and obvious ROI. Data can be in so many different places within an organization, and then with suppliers you have a whole raft of different data and reporting challenges. Each industry has it’s own nuances and a myriad of individual regulations and standards which an organization needs to adhere to.

Our approach, is to build solutions which enable our customers to gain immediate value from SAP solutions, rather than having to build from the bottom up. We now provide ready made “industry ready to go” packages for 22 different industry sectors, with more to follow, that provide both a technological advancement as well as an immediate acceleration value to clients of any size running SAP.

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