Winterhawk ESG – New Solution

Over 1 year ago Winterhawk initiated a strategic alignment with software development company Travanleo to develop a number of new business solutions.

Steve Hewison, the CEO and owner of Winterhawk, joined the Travanleo Advisory Board, while Sankar Krishnan, the CEO of Travanleo, joined the Winterhawk Advisory Board. Steve and Sankar had known each other professionally and as friends since 2011 when they first worked together at Barclays Bank.

During the early part of 2022 a number of solution development ideas and concepts were considered, and the first, now being released, from April 3rd 2023 is “Winterhawk ESG” a solution developed for mid to smaller sized organisations seeking to simplify data collection and reporting via an easy to use, quick to install and setup, ESG platform.

Steve Hewison, CEO and Founder at Winterhawk said: “Over the last year we’ve seen the challenges clients are facing coming to terms with the requirements and expectations of ESG reporting. At the same time, cost is a major factor, coming off the back of several challenging COVID years, high inflation, recession, an energy crisis and spiking wage bills. Organizations are seeking value from their technology purchases more now than ever before, and they want to see a very clear and obvious ROI. With ESG, data can be in so many different places within an organization, then they’ll have suppliers, which opens up a whole raft of different data and reporting challenges.

Our solution has been designed to be simple to use, to be intuitive, it only typically takes 24-48 hours to setup, it’s super quick to train a client on, and it offers immediate value. A client of any size would benefit but we have very much built Winterhawk ESG for the mid-market, for mid to small sized companies, seeking cost value, and where we see a clear offering gap”

Sankar Krishnan, CEO at Travanleo said: “I’m personally delighted that we’ve been able to combine the business and regulatory consultancy skills of Winterhawk, with the software and product development skills of Travanleo to create Winterhawk ESG. We believe this will be the first of many co-developed solutions together which will address key business and, in this case, specifically regulatory challenges”

Learn more about Winterhawk ESG here