Webinar: How to use SAP Process Control to manage your GDPR governance program

Date: Friday 29th June 2018
Event type: Webinar
Venue: From your desk or mobile
Time: 14:00 – 14:15

Email info@winterhawk.com to register.

Do you have an effective, ongoing governance platform for processes and controls relating to the GDPR for your organisation and all subsidiaries?
Are you looking to adopt a tried and tested, best practice GDPR governance framework model already deployed across organisations in and outside the EU?

Winterhawk has developed a GDPR framework consisting of 13 processes and over 140 controls and activities, suitable for rapid deployment on the SAP Process Control solution.

With many organisations having already undertaken large scale GDPR programs pre-25th May to get their houses in order, it’s time to ensure that the new processes, controls and policies are governed and monitored for issues in order for effective remediation to be tracked and monitored. Without a governance framework, it’s easy to lose track of issues raised and lose vital evidence to supply to audit teams and regulators when requested.

SAP Process Control and Winterhawk’s GDPR framework aid the rapid deployment of the processes and controls that every organisation should have implemented to comply with the GDPR, promoting ownership and accountability, and enforcing the remediation of issues.

There is further benefit to leveraging SAP Process Control as it also provides a framework for managing Financial, IT, HR and many other processes and controls for a number of different regulations and standards (SOX, FDA, ISO 27001, Cobit 5 etc.), as well as the ability to automate controls.

Who will benefit from attending this webinar?

This session will be relevant to Heads of Compliance, Risk Officers, Data Protection Officers, GDPR Program owners, CIOs and Auditors.