Winterhawk – GRC 2015 Nice, France 16 – 18 June

GRC 2015 Nice

Winterhawk will be at booth #565 for the annual SAP GRC conference in Nice, France. Come and visit us for information about all our services, and special discounted show rates!

SAP Licencing
We’ll show you how to reduce the cost of licencing with a solution that automatically identifies the exact usage of SAP licenses procured. It provides an overview of idle or duplicate users in the system and analysis on whether the particular license type assigned is the right one for a given user. If the license type assigned is not appropriate for the user, it recommends the right type based on that user’s authorizations.

Securing your Data
This is a very hot topic!  You do not want sensitive data falling into unauthorized hands.
If any of the these thoughts have crossed your mind, you should consider Data Secure:

  • “I have just refreshed my test system. Is there a way I can still scramble the data?”
  • “Is my sensitive data protected well enough to satisfy the auditors?”
  • “Can anyone get access to sensitive data they can’t see in production?”
  • “Could we write a custom program to anonymize some records in our training system?”